New Flyer for PASO

PASO is a small organisation consisting of Patrick and Sonja, both from Germany, who are travelling around the world. Combining ecological concerns with tourism the pair raise awareness of the need to reduce pollution and increase sustainable practices (even while on holiday).

PASO Flyer Extract

Panel One

To do this, PASO, approaches artists in each country they visit and arrange for a flyer to be produced. Patrick and Sonja believe that comics and a light touch help to get the message across in a non-confrontational and interesting way.
For the New Zealand journey PASO decided to promote Eco-Tourism, as they see New Zealand as a very ecology-aware country. They approached me through this site (, which they found thanks to  Adrian Kinnaird’s comic blog, FROM EARTH’S END and his extensive link column of NZ webcomics listed there.

I found Patrick and Sonja’s idea very engaging, a great project with goals and aims that I am very interested in promoting.

Up until their arrival in New Zealand PASO had made postcard sized flyers with tips on sustainable living; these showed about four or five panels or strips, each dedicated to a separate tip.

However for New Zealand they decided to go for a larger format, and to make both A4 flyers and A3 posters.

The posters and flyers have the same strips on them. These will be distributed throughout country at most I-Sites so that the core audience is well targeted. It was a pleasure working with Patrick and Sonja on this project, and to meet them on their very worthy journey around the world.

Just click on the flyer below for a bigger view.

PASO Tip Flyer for New Zealand by Matthew Kelly




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