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Universtiy studies remote Kiwi monitoring

Fuseworks Media posted the following article on Thursday, 9 May, 2013 – 07:00 to Voxy reporting that University of Canterbury students have investigated the most suitable frequencies for radio propagation in forest and the best method of transmission, assisting the post-cuts wave of threat detection in the fight to save Kiwi and other endangered NZ native birds. Article paraphrased below,

Kiwi in world-first graft surgery

MATT STEWART writes an article for the Dom Post on ground breaking bone graft surgery for Kiwi in Wellington Zoo, Ataahua, paraphrased below, please read Matt’s article at Stuff Kiwi undergoes world-first surgery In a world-first procedure, Ataahua, a North Island brown kiwi has undergone surgery at Wellington Zoo to bridge her broken beak using a bone graft from her

Songs of Little Spotted Kiwi Studied in Groundbreaking Research

The study of songs emitted by Little Spotted Kiwi conducted by Andrew Digby, Ben D. Bell, Paul D. Teal, reveal hitherto unknown behaviour The new results prompt the question is enough research being carried out for our endangered native species ? Please read the full article on Asian Scientist Magazine called “Kiwi Duets Are Sung In Perfect Harmony” By Tang

Rare Brown Kiwi Hatchling Success After 34 Attempts!

Rare brown kiwi born near Tauranga  (UPDATE *) Source: ONE News, Published: 6:26PM Sunday May 05, 2013 A lovely article about Kiwi breeding success after many failed attempts (although the editor missed a few mistakes that leave one scratching one’s head: mainly that although the article explains Maui is the mother Kiwi and Whetu is the father, “…trust staff [had]

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