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‘Wife-swapping’ Kiwi set free in park

‘Wife-swapping’ helps colony to thrive. HELEN MURDOCH wrote this article for Nelson Mail (Last updated 08:30 15/05/2013) -Paraphrased below. Please click HERE for the full article. … Friends of Flora … released … eight great spotted kiwi into [Kahurangi National Park's] Deep Creek catchment [after y]ears of work and planning to return a viable breeding kiwi [to the area]. Since

Genetic weakness threatens rare kiwi

Little spotted kiwi faces huge genetic challenge JODY O’CALLAGHAN wrote this article for the DOMINION POST (Last updated 15/05/2013) -Paraphrased below ; please visit HERE for the full article. The little spotted kiwi population has such low genetic diversity [that under certain conditions] the whole population could be wiped out [by disease]. A Victoria University study released [15/05/2013] revealed that

Kiwi call monitors needed in Puketi Forest

Puketi Forest Trust Call for Volunteers!!!! Puketi Forest is an ancient kauri forest that along with the Omahuta Forest forms one of the largest contiguous tracts of native forest in Northland. The forest is home to North Island brown kiwi, kukupa (New Zealand pigeon) and pied tit though they face local extinction without intervention. Also Toutouwai (New Zealand robin) were

New research on calving rates increase fears for Maui’s dolphin

John Gibb reported on Sat, 11 May 2013 for the Otago Daily Times on ‘recent ”astonishing” research findings involving dolphins in Doubtful Sound [that] have increased University of Otago Prof Steve Dawson’s fears about the future of the critically endangered Maui’s dolphin. The Otago University research findings, involving a community of about 60 bottlenose dolphins based in Doubtful Sound, Fiordland,

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