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Kiwi egg could hatch another white Chick

MATHEW GROCOTT reports (Last updated 12:00 14/01/2014) for The Standard that staff and visitors at Pukaha Mt Bruce are hoping for another white kiwi after The Department of Conservation-run wildlife sanctuary at the bottom of the Tararua District revealed it was caring for two eggs from the father of Manukura last week. Manukura is a white kiwi born in 2011

Tiny kiwi egg found in central North Island

Tiny kiwi egg found in central North Island  3:34 PM Friday Jan 24, 2014     The brown kiwi egg weighs just 217.6g. Conservationists say a tiny kiwi egg found in the central North Island is the smallest of its kind. The brown kiwi egg weighed just 217.6g when it arrived at Rotorua’s Rainbow Springs Kiwi Encounter conservation centre last


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Format Change at Kiwiman Comics!!!

All new for the New Year !!! We’ve changed the format to how we bring you our patented brand of mistery-action-adventure-comedy!!! From today forward our ongoing webcomic Kiwiman For Sale will be published as a four panel post each Wednesday!!! KIWIMAN COMICS: improving your Kiwiman Comic Experience!!!     WELCOME TO THE FUTURE !!!!

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