ARKive is a not-for-profit initiative
of the charity Wildscreen

With the help of the world’s best wildlife filmmakers and photographers, conservationists and scientists, ARKive are creating an awe-inspiring record of life on Earth.

Freely accessible to everyone and preserved for the benefit of future generations, ARKive is a truly invaluable resource for conservation, education and public awareness.

They feature short articles on endangered animals like the North Island Brown Kiwi and link to images and video about them.








Species: North Island brown kiwi (Apteryx mantelli)

Status: Endangered (EN)

Interesting Fact: The North Island brown kiwi is more like a mammal than a bird, with fur-like feathers, muscular legs and even cat-like whiskers on its face.

Another example is this cutie, the Doria’s tree kangaroo!








Species: Doria’s tree kangaroo (Dendrolagus dorianus)

Status: Vulnerable (VU)

Interesting Fact: Doria’s tree kangaroo is the heaviest tree-dwelling marsupial in the world, weighing as much as 20 kilograms, and is capable of jumping down to the ground from a height of up to 18 metres without injury.

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