Crossover on Finite Islands

Production notes!

The penultimate page!!!!!

The trials of  Hōne Key: After uncharacteristically caving in to the people’s demands John Key slouches about the beehive whinging and complaining, until the powerful fishing lobby snag him up (indicating the difficulties political will faces over the Maui’s Dolphin issue).
But the silver lining last panel shows us the value of struggling to find a way to preserve the Maui’s Dolphin.

Art chores: The depiction of John Key falters off model a bit but I think he remains recognizable throughout. The fishermen were a
lot of fun to draw, though stereotyped, they seem readable enough for their short turn on the stage.

Once again the backgrounds are less than pleasing, a lack of texture and detail being the main reason.

The reliance on dot grey-tones for shading works reasonably well in panels 1 and 2. However in panels 3 and 4 John Key’s clothing appears to have changed colour which could well be confusing to the reader.

I remember spending a long time on the water in this page, the results are a bit forced and overly busy wihtout really portreying
a convincing liquid surface.
Oh well, we can but try.

Thanks for checking out the comic!

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