Crossover on Finite Islands

Production Notes

Salute! Welcome to Page Five of Chapter two!

The opening splash panel is inside Kiwiman’s Kiwicopter. Black Paua is in left, next to him is Dr. Remuera, but more interestingly in terms of layout the windscreens of the Kiwicopter allow there to be a foreground a mid-ground and a background in this panel.

Man Alone is in the background but is also between Black Paua and Kiwiman (KM is in the mid- ground. Urban Maori is in the Back ground between Kiwiman and Dr Remuera on the right side of the panel.

This aspect of the panel is quite pleasing but the design of the cockpit and the interior of the Kiwicopter in general is ugly and not informative, it works against the setting because it robs it of realistic details. It looks more like a low budget T.V. studio set, that flat floor is pretty unbelievable inside a helicopter.

The caption locates the scene for the reader but an establishing shot would have been more satisfying and would have used the sequential aspect of comics to greater potential.


Ironically the rest of the page pretty much does that.

We have a very 2000ad, circa 1980, caption introducing the view in panel 2 via a zoom lense, but from there on the action and words work together to provide the story in unison.

In the last three panels the monster is rendered without the tiny people that make it up, hopefully the action is engrossing enough for the reader not to question this, but knowing the sophistication of most comic readers it is probably pretty glaring.

I’m not sure if there is a problem with the volumes or sizes of the monster as opposed to the sizes of Urb’ and the person he has snatched from the monster’s brow, my suspicion would be that there is.

But hey all in all I’m okay with this page, in comics sometimes you just have to get the page done and move on to the next one.

The art is okay, some nice use of Ben day dot grey tones. Nice lines indicating TV screen resolution in panel 2 and 3. And the timeless sound effect “SLVLELCH!” rounds out the page nicely.

Hope you’re enjoying the story!
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