Submissions against Resource Management Amendment Bill

Please submit against this bill to protect New Zealand from rampant mining!

It’s called the “Resource Management (Restricted Duration of Certain Discharge and Coastal Permits) Amendment Bill” and it will extend the period of licence for mining companies from Five years to FIFTEEN years, a terrible blow to local communities opposed to mining and the destruction and hazardous waste that results.

Please consider submitting against this bill amendment, the National Government wants to further dis-empower the New Zealand public while propping up profit hungry multi-national companies. Companies who will destroy vast areas of our precious land and poison our rivers in order to carry out their unsustainable and backwards industry.

The National Government seems determined to trash decent regulation of these harmful industries, in fact their stated goal is to “promote prospecting for, exploration for, and mining of Crown owned minerals”, but serving up New Zealand to foreign companies who will take the profit out of the country is not serving our best interests.

The closing date for submissions is Thursday, 29 November 2012

To make a submission please follow this link to the NZ Parliament website link

To learn more about the proposed amendments and the bill visit these links for Forest and Bird and the Green Party

Why not write to your local MP and tell them you want them to stop the amendment!


From the editor.


New Zealand government votes “NO” to save Maui’s dolphin

The New Zealand Government votes “NO” on action to save the critically endangered Maui’s dolphin at the world’s largest conservation summit – leading conservation groups called New Zealand’s actions on the international stage ‘shameful’.

A media release(d 21 Sept) from WWF, ECO, Greenpeace and Forest & Bird states that the NZ govt fails Maui’s dolphins on the global stage at The World Conservation Congress (held at Jeju, Republic of Korea, 6–15 September 2012).
Despite the New Zealand government’s attempt to stop the motion (M035) it was passed by an overwhelming majority.
The Motion details are: M035 – Actions to avert the extinctions of rare dolphins: Maui’s dolphins, Hector’s dolphins, Vaquita porpoises and South Asian river and freshwater dependent dolphins and porpoises.
The resulsts were: Government votes: 117 yes, 2 no (including New Zealand), 18 abstentions. NGO votes: 459 yes, 0 no, 8 abstentions.

M035 calls for the New Zealand Government to: Urgently extend dolphin protection measures, banning gill net and trawl net use from the shoreline to the 100 meter depth contour in all areas where Hector’s and Maui’s dolphins are found, including harbours;
Immediately increase monitoring and enforcement, requiring 100 percent observer coverage on gill net or trawling vessels operating in the range of Hector’s and Maui’s dolphins until bans are implemented;
Report such action and monitoring and enforcement results.

Motions at the World Conservation Congress set policy for the IUCN, providing conservation benchmarks for member nations.
A final published version is not yet available, but the ‘working’ draft motion can be viewed directly at

Main NZ oposition party, “Labour”, released a criticism of inaction on the issue of Maui’s Dolphin conservation:

Press Release: New Zealand Labour Party, 21 Sept 2012; Ruth Dyson Conservation Spokesperson “Government’s craven stance on Maui’s Dolphins a disgrace”
“[…] New Zealanders will be outraged by the craven stance taken by John Key’s Government. What possible justification could there be for voting against the motion to stop the extinction of the world’s rarest dolphins and porpoises? [Due to NZ's “NO” vote on M035] New Zealand risks an international fishing boycott in our waters […] The Minister of Conservation [...] failed to stand up for the rarest dolphins in the world, she’s also allowed New Zealand’s reputation as a clean, green nation to be tarnished on the international stage[...]”

Unfourtunately Labour’s hands are as covered in Maui’s Dolphin blood as National’s: their lack of action served to reduce the number of Maui’s Dolphins to the pitiful 55 estimated to remain of this unique sub-species. They ignored the demands of the same NGO’s they now join in condemning the ghastly behaviour of the current Government. Past Governments were aided by a very limited understanding amongst the New Zealand public of issues surrounding the Maui’s Dolphins. Public understanding has increased over time due to several scandalous Maui’s Dolphin deaths at the hands of set netters and comercial fishermen, not to mention the odd appearance caught on camera phone. Public consciousness has increased also partly due to the difficult yet fairly unsympathetic problems that the current inadequate set net and other bans cause affected fishing concerns (both commercial and amatuer) on the West Coast.

Make your voice heard, write to your MP and to Conservation Minister Kate Wilkinson ( ) and Associate Minister Peter Dunne ( )

WWF-New Zealand, Greenpeace, ECO and Forest & Bird are campaigning to protect the critically endangered Maui’s and endangered Hector’s dolphins from extinction, and support the IUCN resolution that was overwhelmingly endorsed by members at the Jeju meeting.

New Flyer for PASO

PASO Flyer Extract

PASO is a small organisation consisting of Patrick and Sonja, both from Germany, who are travelling around the world. Combining ecological concerns with tourism the pair raise awareness of the need to reduce pollution and increase sustainable practices (even while on holiday).

PASO Flyer Extract

Panel One

To do this, PASO, approaches artists in each country they visit and arrange for a flyer to be produced. Patrick and Sonja believe that comics and a light touch help to get the message across in a non-confrontational and interesting way.
For the New Zealand journey PASO decided to promote Eco-Tourism, as they see New Zealand as a very ecology-aware country. They approached me through this site (, which they found thanks to  Adrian Kinnaird’s comic blog, FROM EARTH’S END and his extensive link column of NZ webcomics listed there.

I found Patrick and Sonja’s idea very engaging, a great project with goals and aims that I am very interested in promoting.

Up until their arrival in New Zealand PASO had made postcard sized flyers with tips on sustainable living; these showed about four or five panels or strips, each dedicated to a separate tip.

However for New Zealand they decided to go for a larger format, and to make both A4 flyers and A3 posters.

The posters and flyers have the same strips on them. These will be distributed throughout country at most I-Sites so that the core audience is well targeted. It was a pleasure working with Patrick and Sonja on this project, and to meet them on their very worthy journey around the world.

Just click on the flyer below for a bigger view.

PASO Tip Flyer for New Zealand by Matthew Kelly




Antarctic Toothfishing

Vessels fishing for toothfish continue to get into trouble in the Southern Ocean, but scientists warn they are endangering more than human life. … Professor Evans said numbers started dropping off in 2001, five years after the Ross Sea was opened to commercial toothfishing. Some info:

Professor: Low toothfish numbers will screw things up

NZ Plans to Veto Protecting the Ross Sea (Herald)>

NZ key to saving Ross Sea (Greanpeace)

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